Aeration is a specialty service performed in the spring and fall that is done to enhance the overall health of your lawn by reducing compaction, strengthening roots, increasing water uptake, reducing water runoff/puddling, and increasing fertilizer uptake. Aerating is performed using a unique piece of machinery called an aerator. An aerator works by punching holes into the ground and pulling out small pieces of earth referred to as cores.


Core Aeration has many benefits such as: 

  • Reduces and relieves soil compaction
  • Encourages deep healthy roots
  • Removes undesirable, excessive thatch layers
  • Helps eliminate drought stress
  • Reduces weed infestations
  • Reduces insect and disease incidence
  • Increases the uptake of fertilizers and control products
  • Stimulates new turf growth


If your yard sees heavy traffic, is patchy, or just looks like it could use a boost it may be time to book a professional aeration.