Bring Your Lawn Back To Life!

Achieving a lush, dark green lawn can be broken down into three key categories: Preparation, creation, and maintenance. Before any improvement can take place we must first prepare the ground to accept new growth. Once the soil is prepared we can stimulate new growth and boost the health of the existing lawn. After new growth is established it’s important to protect against threats such as weed infestation.

Falling into the preparation category are mechanical services such as aeration and dethatching.

New growth is always a result of feeding your lawn. Fertilizer is the food your lawn needs to grow. Much like food, lawn fertilizer consists of three main elements. NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is the element of fertilizer that gives you that coveted dark green aesthetic. Phosphorus promotes strong root growth and Potassium protects against stressors such as drought and excessive heat. Overseeding  introduces a brand new seed with multiple types of grass that will fill any bare patches and thicken up the turf.

Maintaining your beautiful new lawn is essential for long term success. Slow-release fertilizer should be applied a minimum of three times per season to keep the lawn nourished and growing. In addition to fertilizer, it’s important to keep invasive weeds at bay. A weed control application is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

As you’ve been reading there’s a lot more to creating a beautiful lawn than just weekly mowing and throwing down an occasional bag of weed and feed. That’s why we’ve created three simple service offerings for you to take advantage of this season.

Our Spring Kickstart package covers the preparation and growth creation side of things. With this package, our expert technicians will dethatch, aerate, overseed, and apply a specially blended starter fertilizer to kick things off this spring.

The Go Green full season fertilizer and weed control service is our answer to the maintenance portion of growing a beautiful lawn. With this service, one of our Ontario certified lawn experts will visit your property every 4-6 weeks applying fertilizer and weed control as required with each visit. You’ll also be notified before and after each visit with an update on what was done to the lawn.

Our Neighbourhood Envy Bundle is the most comprehensive, high-value lawn service available on the market today. We’ve created a totally hands-off approach to lawn care by combining our Spring Kickstart package with the Go Green service for a complete spring through fall lawn care solution.

Try Our Simple Strategy

Spring Kickstart
Core Aeration
Starter Fertilizer
Mechanical Dethatching
Go Green Service
Spring Slow Release Fertilizer
2x Spring Eco-Friendly Weed Spray
Summer Slow Release Fertilizer
Summer Weed Control
Fall Slow Release Fertilizer Control
Fall Weed Control
Up to 6 Visits as Required
Neighbourhood Envy Bundle
$548 $448 ($100 off)
Spring Kickstart
Go Green Service

Please Note

  • Properties larger than 7500 sq ft quoted individually.
  • Neighbourhood envy eligible for monthly payments May-Oct. 5% discount for prepay upfront option.