Lawn Mowing

Maintaining a healthy and lush lawn can be a tedious task. Don’t spend your sunny summer days behind a lawn mower, leave it to us to ensure that your lawn looks beautiful all season long. Our professional team will maintain your lawn once per week from May through October. We will trim, edge, mow, and blow off all hard surfaces after each visit. By using the highest quality equipment and meticulous attention to detail our technicians are able to keep your lawn looking beautiful week after week.



Aeration is a specialty service performed in the spring and fall that is done to enhance the overall health of your lawn by reducing compaction, strengthening roots, increasing water uptake, reducing water runoff/puddling, and increasing fertilizer uptake. Aerating is performed using a unique piece of machinery called an aerator. An aerator works by punching holes into the ground and pulling out small pieces of earth referred to as cores.

If your yard sees heavy traffic, is patchy, or just looks like it could use a boost it may be time to book a professional aeration.



A proper fertilizer program is the key factor that will set your lawn apart from your neighbours. Fertilizer is the food that your lawn needs to flourish. In order to achieve that dark green, lush yard that everyone desires, you must be giving your grass the nutrients that it needs. Our spring blend includes a slow release fertilizer and a weed suppressing corn gluten product. A fertilizer application is hands down the most important thing you can do to improve the thickness and colour of your lawn.

For optimal results, combining a fertilizer application with an aeration can help the lawn roots to soak up as many nutrients as possible.



Lawn rolling is quite simply the act of maneuvering a very heavy roller across a lawn to help eliminate small bumps and unevenness. Rolling can only be performed in the spring while the ground is still soft and malleable. If your lawn is lumpy and uneven we can help! Book your lawn rolling today.



Overseeding is the quickest and most effective way to improve the strength and thickness of your lawn. The process consists of simply planting new grass seed in areas of thinning turf. Spreading extra seed allows for new growth to begin and fill in thin turf. If your lawn suffers from bare, patchy spots a spring overseeding is recommended.



The spring dethatching service consists of a complete pick-up of surface debris such as excess thatch and dead leaves. This operation promotes a faster recovery of the lawn in the spring and is recommended every year. It is normal to have a thin layer of thatch on the surface of your lawn. However, if the thickness of thatch is too great, it will prevent the flow of water and nutrients to the root system, which will make the lawn vulnerable to the development of diseases and pest infestations.